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Chemical Dependency Treatment Centers

Jill Scott
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The Kolbe Clinic takes its name from Maximilian Kolbe, who is the patron saint of drug addicts. Kolbe was canonized on 10 October 1982 by Pope John Paul II. During the Nazi occupation of Poland, Kolbe volunteered himself to die in the place of a stranger

at Auschwitz so he could remain with his family.

William Wainscott - CEO

Dr. Donald Williams


Our Staff and Origins

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Dr. Daniel Mejer - Psychiatry

Dr. Charles Singleton

Devoted to recovery, committed to you, and different from the rest


Dr. Robert Ruth

Dr. Thomas Moody

Dr. David Aarons

Dr. Diana Warren

Dr. David Aarons

Jill Scott, LPC

Don Williams Charles Singleton

Brandi Lavender - Assistant Director